What have I learned?

What have I learned? I have learned how to write and set up a blog. This Project was quite fun. I enjoyed Reading “A farewell to arms” and writing about it so everybody else could see what “my” book was about. In addition, maybe someone else would look to read the same book as me after Reading my comments. It was a fantastic book.

When I have read my book and answered the task we have gotten as homework, I have been more aware of the details in this book and thought about what I have read more carefully.

I have been more observant and that makes me think more about what I have red.

It has been a Nice input to read others blog and see how the others are writing their blogs.

To be honest, when we started writing on our blog I thought this was going to be both boring and quite hard to do  I thought it would be hard to both read and Write at the same time. However, it was not boring at all, this time have passed very quickly and it was quite enjoyable and I remember more from the book itself after doing it like this.

I have received several constructive comments about my task writing. They describe what I had done in a good way. For instance that I described the theme in the book in a good way.


What is the book really about?

The novel “A farewell to arms” is partly autobiographical and it tells us about the Authors view on a meaningless war. About the courage and the fare that the solders feel when they are in war and about the friendship you can get under special conditions like a war. “A farewell to arms” is also about “the lost generation” which is the loss of youth for all the young men that fought the war during First World War.

Point of view

The point of view in this book is called limited first person narrator. The author writes from the point of view of one of the characters in this story (which is Henry) and then the author is writing what he sees, hears and knows. This type of point of view gets you involved in this story.

Example 1: “In civilian clothes I felt a masquerader. I had been in uniform along time and I missed the feeling of beeing held by Your clothes.” (page 217)

Example 2: “I went to the door and looked out. It had stopped raining but there was a mist.”(page 159)

Book analysis or a book report?

When I have finished all the tasks in this project, I`m going to write either a book analysis or a book report. But what should I choose?

I have decided to make a book report of the book I am Currently Reading (A farewell to Arms). The book is more or less a life history of the main character and I think it is difficult to make an analysis of that.

In general, I think it is quite complicated to make an analysis and especially because it is just “a story” and has few hidden meanings. That is why I will write a book report.

The setting

This book is divided into multiple “books”, so I cannot tell you how the setting is throughout the rest of this book, because I have not red it all yet. However what I have red is that the author likes to bring inn the word “mountains”. He likes to use this word because the mountain is all around them and the prissoners  were held captured in the mountains.

The surroundings  is full of trees that is cut down, branches and leaves. The leaves have fallen to the ground and some branches have broken off the trees. It is also some snow in this book, but it depends on where they are at the time.

In this book they are very often in Gorizia and that is a small town near the Italian-Austrian border. In the fall the trees were all bare and the roads were muddy all the time. The fields were brown and wet dead leaves on the road. You can see the mountains and it is a river there as well. On the way into the town you pass the factories, an you pass houses and villas.  In the center you will find the Town Major’s house and it is a big square in front of it. It is many guns in the towns because of World War 1. To the north you could see across a vally and into a forest of chestnuts. Behind this you could see more mountains.

In book II they are in Milan in Italy. The inside of the hospital is not described other than the sunny, bright hospital room.

Here is a quote from A farewell to arms:

The first chapter

The first chapter in my book is not very long. It is only on 2 pages. But the information I got from these two pages goes like this.

The storie begins in the late summer of that year. The storyteller lived in a house in a village that looked across the river and the plain to the  Mountains.

Some troops went by the house and down the road and the dust they raised powdered the leaves of the trees. The plain was rich with crops; there were many orchards of fruit trees and beyond the plain the Mountains were brown and bare.

There was fighting in the moutain and at night they could see the flashes from the artillery. In the dark it was like summer lightning, but the night was cool and there was not the feeling of a storm coming.

Sometimes in the dark they heard the troops marching under the window and guns going past pulled by motor-tractors. There were much trafic at night and manny mules on the road with boxes of ammunition on each side of their pack-saddles and gray motor trucks that carried men, and other trucks with loads covered with canvas that passed in the day drawn by tractors, the long barrels of the guns covered with green branches and green leafy branches  and vines laid over the tractors.

Troops were muddy and wet in their capes. At the start of the winter came the permament rain and with the rain came the cholera.

Here is the trailer for A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Why did i choose this book? I chose this book because it looked very interesting , educational and that it is about the first world war, and i am really interested in war related histoical moments. I actually did not know wich book I should choose so i got a little help from my teacher. I am verry thankful for his help With this book.10799

This book is writen by Ernest Hemingway and this book is about the first world war. The book, published in 1929, is a first-person account of American Frederic Henry, serving as a Lieutenant in the ambulance corps of the Italien army. The title is taken from a poem by 16th-century English dramatist George peele. A Farwell to Arms is about a love affair between the expatriate American Henry and Catherine Barkley against the backdrop of the First World War, cynical soldiers, fighting and the displacement of populations

Sources : My head and the book itself.